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A paper used during forensic accounting services in Boston, MA

Forensic accounting is the practice of accountancy that is more commonly described as asset tracing.  Asset tracing refers to examining financial documents and developing on understanding of how cash (or other assets) were improperly removed from the entity.  This is done through exception testing, and examining documents to identify differences between various transactions. 

Mr. MacKenzie has prepared numerous reports detailing

(1)    the misappropriation of funds

(2)    fraudulent tax returns

(3)    miscategorization of expenses

(4)    phantom employees

(5)    related party transactions resulting in shareholder loss

Mr. MacKenzie’s experience and reputation as a highly competent, objective and authoritative financial expert make him an excellent choice to assist you in any matter.  Additionally he has reviewed, analyzed and offered rebuttal testimony concerning forensic accounting reports prepared by others.  

Mr. MacKenzie has prepared numerous reports for shareholders or the nonowner spouse detailing the misappropriation of assets. In particular he is assisted numerous attorneys in determining the true income of an individual. When an individual reports on his tax return, unfortunately, is not what he truly earns and may not be an appropriate base for determining alimony or child support.

Our Forensic Accounting Services in Boston, MA